Twelve days to go…Double-entry Thai Visa secured and I’m legal! :)

My 2nd Thai Visa

My 2nd Thai Visa

12 Days to go!!! Picked up my double-entry visa yesterday and I’m legal for 3 months when I get there…then a border run to a surrounding country ie. Cambodia or Vietnam.

It’s fairly quick, takes about 2 days (one day to drop off, then next day to pickup).  The office is on 52nd between 1st and 2nd Ave (right next to my barber-shop, ha).  Bring the one page app, two mug-shot portraits and for a double-entry visa, it’s $80 US cash only.  This lets me stay for 60 days…then I have to find a consulate office and ask for a 30-day extension.  When that’s up, a border-run is needed.

For info on how to get your Thai visa, go to the Consulate website:

How to save $$$ on passport photos – CVS & Duane Reade typically charge $10 – 15 to take a 2 x 2 passport photo pic, which is needed for travel docs.  Instead use your own digital camera, then crop them to exact dimensions using this free website:

Finally, save the file to your USB key and bring it to a self-service picture kiosk at CVS or Duane Reade…it will cost you $1 !!!

Good luck

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