Training at Lion Muay Thai Gym Phuket (review) – Week 3 – Feb.18 – 24, 2013

Mon. Feb. 18, 2013

  • Again had trouble falling asleep last night and didn’t pass out til 5am-ish 🙁 Still got up around 10:45am. Had a 100 calorie yogurt then went with Nick to run up the windmills at Nai Harn beach…did a 15-20 min walk up, then 4-5 sprints with dips, pushups and sit-ups near the top.  My right knee is feeling better so that’s def a good thing as I can push a little bit harder in my training.  After we went to Nikita’s restaurant right on the beach in Rawai…had a delicious burger with cheese, bacon and fried egg on top. The view was nice as well 🙂 I planned on training at Lion Gym for Muay Thai, but being that it’s after 2pm and I’m about to pass out from lunch, I’m going to skip today (yes, I know sooo lazy!)
  • After an hour and half nap back in my air-conned room, I motivated myself to do the Buddha walk again…however, today I wanted to mix in a bit of jogging, especially the steep parts, then power-walk the flat parts.  About 1/3 the way down, I walked backwards because my knees were starting to hurt from the incline.  This worked out a lot better and puts less stress on your knees, highly recommend it.   For dinner, I drove to the top of the mountain to eat a local resto up there.  After was a Magnum ice-cream bar, my favorite here :).


Tues. Feb. 19, 2013

  • I usually don’t burn easy, if ever.  However, the sun out here is much stronger…I’ve been using SPF-55 which is surprising b/c normally I stick to SPF-15 or 30.  Every part of my body has peeled (shoulders, neck, chest, arms and even my upper-quads!).  However, the most painful is what I’m currently experiencing, my lips!  They are white and cracked/chapped…they’re so burnt that they formed blisters then cracked open…eating the spicy Thai food out here is torturous.  After googling solutions to help, there’s not much relief…the first step is DON’T GET BURNT IN THE FIRST PLACE STUPID! lol…So here’s some advice, pickup the Blistex SPF30 (it’s blue) chapstick at the local pharmacies here…it’s around 100 baht ($3 US) and will save you from this pain.  I brought regular Cherry Chapstick w/ SPF5 and obviously it didn’t do jack.
  • Did a back workout @ Chalong gym and got a 1 month membership. Since I know the owners, they gave me the discounted rate of 1000 baht/month which is around $30 US.
  • Did guided meditation.

Lion Muay Thai training session #1 (4pm – 6:30pm)

  • Cost 300 baht
  • Class size not too big, about 15 people
  • The trainers recognized my  Sitmonchai shorts b/c of Thamaka (one of the trainers was from this small town) and Pornsaneh…then called me Saenchai! lol
  • Skipped rope for 15 min…my calves were def tired and sore after this. Maybe that jog/walk up to the Big Buddha yesterday wasn’t a good idea! lol
  • Group stretches
  • Hand wrapped by trainer
  • 2 rounds of shadow box
  • 5 rounds on bags
  • 5 rounds on pads w/ Kru Mario  – Did 1-2, elbow combos, lots of front teeps, lean-back then right elbow. Kick then check.  Left-knee, then right elbow.  Also had me do quick switches w/ my stance then left kick or right kick.
  • Somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd round, I had a moment where I asked myself: do I enjoy this?!!  I’m gassed and fatigued already.  This heat is killing me and my body is tired.  Just trying to breath and get oxygen into my lungs and chest during breaks was a task in & of itself…and I got 2 -3 more rounds of this?!  But before you knew it, the 4th round was done and that’s when I decided to finish off the 5th round with everything I got.
  • Clinched with an fighter from Australia – Hayden…I recognized him from Bangla fight promo poster.
  • Then did neck-weights…since I’ve never done neck exercises or clinched much, I need to strengthen this part of my body.  There’s a harness for your head with a chain on it and you loop it through the kettle-ball or weight-plate.  I did a set with 12kg and my head felt like it was going to pop-off.
  • We then finished off with group cool-down stretches.  Then a 100 sit-ups.  I did 300 and a few other ab exercises.  I stuck around to do 100 knees on the heavy-bag myself.  Last thing I did was the neck-harness again with a 7kg plate.  When it was all said and done, it was around 6:26pm.


Wed. Feb.20, 2013

  • Went to get haircut…found a place that ended up charging me 300 baht which is kinda pricey.  The guy couldn’t even give me a proper fade! Def not going back.
  • Did guided youtube meditation tutorials.

Lion Muay Thai training session #2

  • Class not too big, about 10-15 people.
  • Jump rope for 15 min – again calves tired by end
  • Group stretches
  • 2 rounds of shadowbox
  • 1 round on bag
  • 4 rounds of sparring w/ Yan, probably only 12 – 14 yrs old.  Kid was fast and I had to do a lot of defending.  Got caught w/ kicks multiple times.
  • 5 rounds on pads w/ Kru Mario – same combos as yesterday…also worked on hook.
  • 2 rounds of clinching with a German girl, Freida…she’s a fighter and recognized her from Lion’s website.  She helped me with keeping straight up, neck/back strong, strong base.  I need to keep chin in, stand straight up and keep core tight/ flexed to prevent from being thrown around.  If there’s one thing in my Muay Thai game that needs t he most improvement, it would have to be my clinching.  Back home in NYC, I only got to attend the basic MT class and this was just conditioning and pad work….no clinching as you can only fit so much into 1 hour.  My neck is really sore.
  • Finished off with 100 teeps on bag, 100 knees on bag, then 300 situps. Did my own cool-down stretching.  Then neck harness lifts w/ 7kg weight.
  • Calves are sore again so will take off til Monday.  Just do weights and cardio Thurs/ Fri.
  • After dinner at JaJas, went to Maria’s for an hour-long Thai oil massage, 300 baht. What a hard-life, lol.


Thurs. Feb.21, 2013

  • The first two weeks here I was feeling a bit depressed and had some anxiety.  The reason is b/c I haven’t been able to get much Muay Thai training in.  I made a drastic life change by uprooting myself in the US to pursue my passion here in Thailand.  But for some reason, I felt like I’ve been unproductive in terms of training and beating myself up for it.  However, I’ve been getting back to my meditation practice and came to the realization that I still need to take it easy, adjust to the time-zone, the weather, the food and just settle into my new home.  No need to rush things…sabai-sabai 🙂
  • Chalong gym – chest workout
  • Had lunch at a local restaurant near Nai Harn beach…it has awesome BBQ food.  Had chicken salad, sticky rice and grilled pork.
  • Did guided meditation –
  • After went to Big Buddha.  Today I only had the intention of jogging up the beginning part of the walk up, meaning just the steep parts then walk back down.  This should only take about 20 min going up as I timed it on Monday.  Don’t be fooled – although 20min doesn’t seem like a lot, this is def the hardest part of the 6km up.


Fri. Feb.22, 2013

  • Skyped w/ the rents for the first time. We kept missing each other due to the time difference.
  • Meditated with youtube – Jon Kabat Zinn Guided Meditation Lifescape (Everyday Life)
  • Went to Chalong gym – Shoulder workout, stretched, abs
  • I love living in Phuket because of the beachy-laid-back lifestyle..Most of the time, I’m walking around in a bathing suit, no shirt, no socks, no sneakers, just flip-flops 🙂 But it gets hot!
  • Drove down to Nai Harn again for lunch. Ate papaya salad w/ rice noodles, pork or chicken dish in a spicy curry with rice.
  • After went food shopping at Tesco – picked up iced coffee, yogurt, chocolate and tissues, 330 baht/ $11 US
  • Bought new Honda helmet for 380 baht, around $12-14 US.
  • Had dinner w/ Nick & Natcha at local spot.  Lab Moo and fried shrooms are my favorite dishes from the northern style cuisine.


Sat. Feb. 23, 2013

  • Was planning on taking off but trained at Phuket Top Team w/ Mike.
  • Did 15 min of skipping rope.
  • Stretched.
  • Shadow boxed for 2 rounds.
  • 3-4 rounds w/ Kru Neung again.
  • I think I’m finally getting my kick right…Kru Robert showed me I don’t have to start swing leg so wide…instead it’s a kicking up motion with a twist of the hip.
  • During pads, although my kicks weren’t as powerful, technique-wise they were much better.
  • This humidity also doesn’t make it easy for me to breath.  I feel like i have no power or endurance during my pad-work.  Totally gassed.
  • After 3 weeks of tough-training (the most I’ve done in months!), I think I’ll take next week off before checking out a 3rd gym here, Manop.
  • Also googled some Yoga studios so maybe do that instead.
  • Did 1 round on of kicks on wide-pad, 2 rounds on regular bag.
  • Did drill w/ Mike that involved leg checks, moving backwards/fwds.
  • After, we had to do slave-manual labor – moving one of the bamboo huts.  The funny part is the Thai guy who lived there had a black t-shirt in yellow writing that said “f*ck every thing” lol…i doubt he could read English or really speak it and prob had no idea what an offensive shirt he had on, lol…imagine walking around NYC w/ one, you’d def get dirty looks, lol.
  • Did our own cool down stretches and abs w/ mike.
  • Showered, meditated then went to Tiger Muay Thai BBQ Beatdown dinner party…for 600 baht, it’s a pretty good deal…all you can eat Thai food and free drinks and alcohol for 4 hours…plus free MT and MMA fights.
  • Went to Patong with Kim and his family afterwards.  They invited me to check out Koh Phi-Phi island next week.


Sun. Feb.24, 2013

  • Slept til 2:30pm…ate lunch, then it rained…rained some more…napped.  Laid in bed and read some E-books.
  • Bought Koh Phi-Phi tix from Tony’s resto, 700 baht round-trip (open tix).
  • Did mindscape meditation, then packed since I had to leave early Monday AM.

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