Phuket Week 2 – Day 9 – Day 11 (June 4th – June 6th)

[nggallery id=11]Monday – I already checked out Rawai gym, so decided to work out at Chalong Gym.  It’s towards the circle and about 5 minutes from Fern House by scooter.  Daily pass is 150 baht.  Today I only worked out my legs since I already have a private lesson scheduled.  The gym wasn’t crowded and is about 3 floors.  The first floor has the weight equipment, again basic stuff.  The second floor is a stretching area and I think where they have classes, ie. zumba.  Didn’t check out the third floor, which may be a massage area.

Afterwards, Arty, Nathalie, Suhaila and myself went to Fatty’s for lunch, which is almost next door to the gym.  It’s German owned I think and they have a great selection on the menu, offering European dishes, ie. German and Greek.  I got the chicken gyro with salad, rice and tzatziki sauce which was both healthy and delicious.  If you go there, check out the huge white dog that’s chained up in front of the cooking area. He’s friendly so take the ball and have him bite on it, then tug on it…it’s fun as long as you don’t get your hand bitten off, lol.

An hour and half later, I had my private lesson at Phuket Top Team.  I really liked Kru Lucky but he left for Bangkok, so went with Kru Robert Lek since I heard good things about him and my friend Mike Galvin recommended him as well.  I did my usual warm-up, stretching and shadow-boxing.  Kru Robert really stressed technique during the pad-work.  When doing punches, elbows and knees, he pointed out that I should be taking a step before every move, which helps generate power.  He also worked on my punches.  We did light-sparring as well.  I wasn’t gassed at the end of my session so stuck around for jump-rope and sit-ups.  The Muay Thai class was starting so I ended up speaking to some of the kru’s and met one of the gym-owners, Boyd.

Tuesday I went to Phuket Fight Store down the road to pickup some new Muay Thai shorts…got a pair of flashy red Top King for 1000 baht Definitely recommend them if you need Muay Thai gear as they have a great selection and the lady there was helpful.  There’s only one other store on the soi (street) which is Fight Lab across from Tiger Muay Thai.  Also, Phuket Top Team had a descent selection as well.  Later, I did another private lesson with Kru Robert Lek.  During the sparring session, he would catch my right-kick and I had to get out of it, by jumping up, planting my hands on his shoulders, then twisting my knee on the way down to break his grip.  In Muay Thai fights, when an opponent catches your kick, this leaves you vulnerable to a sweep kick which then knocks you down on your ass.  Although this may not be painful, it’s damaging psychologically…makes you think twice about throwing a kick.  Anyways, on the last kick, I twisted my knee in a weird position and this tweaked my knee.  It hurt for a bit but I walked it off and continued to spar.  Later when I got home I was fine but worried the knee might swell up.

It was already more than two weeks since my last haircut so went on a mission to find a descent barber.  Not sure if Thai people know how to do a “fade” let alone understand what I’m saying in English, but was determined anyways.  Went to one place by the 7-11 and Family Mart but it was an hour wait.  Went across the street to some saloon and she said one hour.  On the way to the third barber, I made a u-turn on the street side-walk and took a spill on my scooter.  My foot got trapped in the gutter and lost balance.  I got a 5 inch gash on my right shin and scraps above my knee.  Luckily no broken bones.  The barber spoke almost no English so had to communicate my fade with hand-numbers, zero and one, haha.  He didn’t do too bad of a job and cost me 90 baht.

For the evening activities, a bunch of us from Fern House went to Salsa lessons at the Green Man pub.  The guys liked to go because they said the girl-to-guy ratio was heavily skewed, mostly women 😛   We went for about an hour then had a glass of wine at the bar.  The owner of Chalong gym, Ong was there and she invited us to an Aussie bar not far.  We got free buffet food and a few drinks.  I didn’t stay out late because Wednesday morning I wanted to check out the Western Boxing class at Phuket Top Team which is taught by a very-well known American trainer, Barry Robinson.

Wednesday – Nathalie knocked on my door Wednesday morning since we planned on going to the Western Boxing class, but my knee was really sore and very stiff.  She wasn’t feeling well so we both skipped it.  I was really worried about my knee now, especially if I couldn’t train.  That was one of the main reasons for coming out to Thailand.

After brunch, we decided to go check out the massage joint down the road.  My foot-arch was injured during pre-Thailand training at home and the massages have somewhat helped.  I think it was from my new Nike sneakers.  The girls at Itanna took care of us.  We started with an hour foot massage and it was really down-pouring outside…I was soooo relaxed and since we couldn’t drive in the rain, we did an hour hot-oil massage.  BTW, the weather was like a monsoon with branches falling down and rain going sideways.  But it’s all good, we made the best of it 🙂

Later that night, some of us from Fern House went to watch Snow White (had to take a minivan since it was still pouring), but the schedule was messed up…so ended up watching Men In Black III in 3D.  This was at the Central Mall which has a really nice movie theatre.  Also, tickets are half-price on Wednesday, so 150 baht.  At the beginning of the movie, they play a short video clip of the King of Thailand and everyone stands up to show respect. If you want to survive Thailand, do NOT disrespect the Royal Family…it could cost you jail time, no joking.

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  • Michelle says:

    Chris it sounds like you are having such a good time in Thailand. I dont think Shen and I will have time to go in 2012, which is too bad, it looks amazing. Those are some hawt looking shorts you’ve got there. You better not wear them around my hood (hells kitchen) or you might have to fend off cat calls 😉 I can’t wait to see you in 2.5 weeks! Keep on blogging!

    • chewy79 says:

      Hey Michelle,
      You guys def need to book Thailand for 2013 then 🙂 You would def love it. They have nice luxury spots too if you want.

      Oh, I bought a custom made suit in Bangkok for your wedding 🙂 Sunday I go for a fitting.

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