Patong Aftermath & Bug Eating – Day 8 June 3rd

The ride home Saturday night was a bit blurry but apparently a naked dance-off occurred in the back of the tuk-tuk, lol.  Everyone was hungover Sunday morning, so Dave, Dan and myself went to Steve’s Burgers for some greasy bacon cheeseburgers and onion rings, mmmmmmm.  It’s just a few minutes down the road from Fern House.  The owner is American or European I think, which explains why the paddies were real ground beef and tasted good.  The “itis” kicked in soon as I got home and passed out for an hour.

When I woke up, I went down to Intana Spa, by the tennis courts and booked a two-hour sport massage.  The first lady who worked on me was a petite Thai women.  Then her friend, a much bigger woman worked the rest of the massage.  They were both really good and used Tiger Balm on a few areas which helps with aches.  Don’t worry, no funny business here, haha.  Tea and a cookie were served after.  For two hours, it only cost 800 baht + 200 baht tip, which is about $31 US, cheap!

People training Muay Thai or any other combat sport should definitely consider getting one or more massages a week if they’re training hard.  Besides feeling relaxed, you are also helping your muscles recover and getting rid of any aches, which will help with your training in the long-run.  For those feeling a bit braver, they can opt for the “Thai Massage” which involves a lot more stretching and can be a bit painful (I haven’t gotten one yet, but this is what I heard).  But people say they feel really good the next day. Plus it’s cheaper, about 200 baht an hour.

That night, Suhaila, Zaheer, Vincent, Natalie and myself went to check out the local night market, towards Central Festival Mall.  They sell everything from animals (both to eat and as pet, lol), clothes (yes knockoffs), food, arts stuff, whatever…Previously Natalie & I were discussing the topic of bug eating…of course the first tent we see is a one that has a plethora of bugs…I snapped a pic and the lady yelled at me for a donation so I gave her 20 baht and she then handed me a grasshopper and some larvae egg…YES I TOOK A BITE of the leg.  Nibbled some more, then passed it to Natalie and she gave it a try.  Then I I ate the head and rest of body, ewww! lol.  No way was I eating the larvae egg so tossed it hahaha.

We found a tent selling men and women’s underwear so we scooped up some Calvin Klein boxer-briefs for about 80 baht each.  These are good to wear under Muay Thai shorts since they keep “the boys” from popping out when you’re doing that high-kick, lol.

Before heading home, Nathalie and I hit up Ali’s BBQ down the road from Fern House.  This place always has a UFC fight on the TV…they were also playing Toni Braxton in the background.  What a combination, so romantical, lol.

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