Livin’ La Vida TING TONG (crazy)! Patong Nite – Day 7 (June 2nd)

I had 2 Muay Thai classes and 1 private lesson this week so decided today would be a weights only day.  Since doing Muay Thai 6 months ago, I’ve lost around 4-5 lbs (weighing in around 152) and people have def noticed…for others, this may be a wanted side-effect, but for me it’s not, ha.  On the way to the gym, I picked up food from a mobile food scooter-cart…sticky rice, some “sweet sugar” balls and an egg-custard over rice.  15  baht each.

My intention was to goto Chalong Gym, about 5 minutes from my room, but couldn’t find it and stumbled upon Rawai Gym, about 10-15 minutes away.  They charged a daily rate of  100 baht.  From what I read, gyms around here are really “old-school, dingy” and not the most modern…so my expectations were not high.  The gym had a descent selection of machines and free-weights, along with cardio equipment. I forgot my ipod and luckily they had a descent music selection. What I liked the most was the decor…on the walls, they had vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger photos framed, along with Thai body-builders (both male and female)…it added to the “Rocky” workout feeling, lol.   The gym wasn’t too packed and I ended up talking to an Aussie guy who was also here training Muay Thai.  The place also seemed clean and well maintained (spray disinfectant bottles and wipe-down towels provided)…last thing you want to do is catch a staph infection that will take you out of training.   I was able to get in a descent chest, back and ab workout.

Afterwards, I drove over to Nai Harn beach to eat and meditate.

Since it was Saturday night and everyone at Fern House seemed to be training hard throughout the week, we figured why not check out Patong…plus myself and Ryan were virgins to this place.  If you don’t know what Patong is famous for, do yourself a favor and Google it, lol.   We got a party van since 99% of Fern House was in attendance (9-10 of us, even Tonja and her friend Di came along) that night…about a 45 min drive.

OK, now a little insight about Patong since this IS a Muay Thai training blog…many people come to Thailand with the intention of getting in solid ring experience and training in the ancient combat sport, but then get distracted because of what Patong offers…endless partying and women galore.  I’ve talked to people here and heard stories about how guys end up doing more drinking then working out, wasting their once-in lifetime opportunity…sad, but true.  So just a warning to anyone thinking about coming to Thailand…be prepared for temptation and be honest with yourself for why you are visiting.  If you pay for a month of training in advance, then are too hung-over to make the sessions, you’ve wasted your $$$ since most gyms have a zero-refund policy. If you want to party, that’s fine, but just know ahead of time so you save yourself the trouble and some cash.  Me personally, I prefer to train hard Monday – Friday, then have one night of fun…so keep it to the weekends.

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