I’m legal!

I finally picked up my Thai visa from the Thai Consulate in NYC, which is needed because my stay will be longer than 30 days (37 to be exact)…now I can avoid having to do a border-cross, which would have involved going to Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Vietnam or Laos, then coming right back.  This is how most people get around these laws…and it’s perfectly legal.

The longest I’ve ever been away from home is 2 weeks, which was last year in Ibiza/ Spain.  A month away involves so many other things I didn’t realize ’til a few weeks ago. I’m still scrambling to finish off last minute items…however I did manage to get my malaria pills, register with the US Embassy and buy travelers’ insurance yesterday.  Only 2 more days left to do whatever else…as usual, work is 0wning me and interfering with my more important priorities 😉   Thank god I’m finally done with grad skewl.

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  • Michael Heller Chu says:

    Good stuff, Chris! You’re going to love Sitmonchai. Looking forward to following you as you train. It looks like I’ll miss you buy just a few days. I’m planning on going to Sitsongpeenong for the first couple weeks of July. Can you extend?

    • chewy79 says:

      Mikey! Damn, are you serious, lol…I got my cousin’s wedding July 11th which is why I’m coming back. Oh man, Sitsongpeenong that’s dope! That was my backup spot if Sitmonchai was full. Def keep me posted b/c that will prob be the camp I check out on my SECOND trip (and yes, I’m planning that already, lol). What dates are you going/ staying?

  • Christina says:

    Ahh, Michelle’s wedding is not that important – this is your once in a lifetime chance to take a ridiculous amount of time to travel! You should go to Sitsongpeenong if you can. Anyway, glad that you got the extended visa – it’s a very pretty sticker

  • Leslie says:

    Have an amazing trip! See you when you get back…

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