Goodbye Chiang Mai…Day 29 – Part I (Sun 6/24)

Today is my last day in Chiang Mai.  I had mixed feelings towards the city…Phuket was my “home away from home” for 3 weeks and I severely missed my good friends there…to compound this, I was sick and injured, and therefore couldn’t train much.  However, by the end of the week after meeting new friends, eating at plenty of good places and taking in new sites and culture (that seemed a bit more “authentic” ?), I ended up liking the city.  I could definitely see myself living here long-term.  The people were just as friendly and appeared educated as well.  Now I know why they called this place “New City”.

The day was started at the same Thai spot we went to yesterday, on some corner/ back alley.  Afterwards we walked around a shopping area, then stopped off at Wat Bupparam near the hotel.  Sadly it was time to pack up and catch a tuk-tuk to catch a 4:30pm flight to BKK.

Here’s a video of Chiang Mai on a scooter:


Review of Tapae Place Hotel:

  • Some of the rooms had really bad wifi…I had to change rooms 3 times before finally settling on one with a good connection.
  • Has air-con.
  • Good location, right in the heart of the city.
  • Cheap at 650 baht a night.
  • Good customer service…the front desk people were very friendly and eager to help me with whatever I needed.  Thank you guys!
  • Nice sized rooms
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