Can’t believe the day has arrived…last 24 hours have been crazy. As usual, I waited ’til last night to pack. It took me hours to sort out what to take, what to leave behind…my philosophy this time was to pack the least amount of clothes because I’ll prob end up buying some Thai gear over there.

The stuff that ended up taking the most space/ weight were my supplements and men’s products. If you were to open up my luggage, you’d think I was Pablo Escobar…white powder, bag of 50 pink pills, bag of white pills, bottle that says “controlled substance” and a syringe (kidding). My friend Katrina helped me lighten up my suitcase at work and we were Googling if I should even put that stuff in carry-on. It was determined that best bet was to check that noize in.

I bought a new Lenovo laptop and copied over 30 gigs last night…planning on watching some movies and TV shows…til I pass out on Benadryl.

Aight, I’m going to pound this beer then stumble over to gate 16. See you on the other side.

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  • Frances Chiu says:

    Hi Chris, I’m excited for you and safe journey. Love, Mom & Dad

  • Christina says:

    Omg Chrissy I can’t believe you are really leaving!!! Congratulations and good luck. Safe flight!!! Our whole family is reading your blog

  • May Lim says:

    Safe travels as you start your eye awakening journey to a far away place. Keep us posted of your adventure. Let the fun begin!!!

    Best regards,
    Aunt May and Uncle Kenny

  • chewy79 says:

    Landed in Bangkok ok…boarding my 3rd and final flight. Be there in an hour.

  • Michelle says:

    How exciting! Chris I will be following your blog, hope to see lots of updates (and to also know that you’re still alive 😉 ). See you when you return to the states

  • chewy79 says:

    Finally landed into Phuket. Before take-off, the stewardess started talking to me in Thai…had to politely tell her “Chris don’t speak Thai” lol…prob won’t be the last time this happens.

    I’m a bit out of it and my sense of time is warped from crossing multiple time-zones…luckily on the flights I sat by some pleasant people. These 2 Brits helped me get through BKK airport and onto my next flight…on the last leg, I sat next to a guy from Jersey that helped direct me to the taxi stand. Karma 🙂

  • Christina says:

    Chris so glad to hear that you landed in Phuket after so many transfers ! Must be nice to finally have your suitcase back and take a shower. Michelle and I are super excited for you, and told our friends all about your adventure. You are so brave to be doing this.

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